Introduction to The PressRoom
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Introduction to The PressRoom

Welcome to the MIND|CONSTRUCT PressRoom. Here you will find a lot of information that might help you in preparation of an interview or writing an article on MIND|CONSTRUCT and our ASTRID technology.

Besides information about our company, founder and technology, we also present links to external articles and videos that might help you to get an insight into the world of AGI Research and Development. Specifically, you will find information that states that the (working) technology that we have is not possible for years or even decades to come. Nothing is further from the truth though, as we have demonstrated our technology numerous times now to prospective investors, current stakeholders and external parties.


It is possible to request a demonstration of our technology. We primarily conduct these demonstrations at our headquarters in Oosterhout, The Netherlands.

IMPORTANT: Because of the COVID-19 Crisis we are currently operating under strict procedures to minimize the risks of infection. When you visit our office, we will ask you to adhere to our COVID-19 Policy.

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What others say About AGI


Although MIND|CONSTRUCT has (demonstrable) working technology, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has been deemed several decades or even hundreds of years away, if not completely impossible to achieve at all.

Some people, Ray Kurzweil being the obvious example, think AGI will happen fairly soon. However, they still think it will take about a decade or more. Compounding to that notion is the fact that none of the big players in this field seem to be anywhere near a real solution.


Here we present links to external articles, videos and other media that illustrates the (scientific) view on the possibility of AGI becoming reality, in stark contrast to our actual achievements.

In addition, you will find information on the impact that this technology is going to have, and therefor the importance and relevance of developing Artificial General Intelligence.

  External Articles
  • Artificial Intelligence: hoe kijken Nederlandse experts naar de toekomst? (Dutch) 
  • The Third Wave of AI 
  • An executive primer on artificial general intelligence 
  • 2 Megatrends Dominate the Gartner Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2020 
  • 995 experts opinion: AGI / singularity by 2060 [2021 update] 
  • Despite AI Hype, True General Intelligence Still Out Of Reach 
  • This is when AI’s top researchers think artificial general intelligence will be achieved 
  • The emergence of Artificial General Intelligence: Are we there? 
  • How Far Are We From Achieving Artificial General Intelligence? 
  • In Praise of Artificial Stupidity 
  • Contextual AI: The next frontier of artificial intelligence 
  • You Have No Idea What Artificial Intelligence Really Does 
  External Videos
  • Gary Marcus - Artificial General Intelligence: Why Aren't We There Yet? 
  • Ray Kurzweil - Human-Level AI is Just 12 Years Away 
  • MIT AGI: Building machines that see, learn, and think like people (Josh Tenenbaum) 
  External Papers & Reports
  • 131 Myth-Busting Statistics on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2021 
  • Artificial Intelligence The Netherlands Startup Report 2018 

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Over the years, MIND|CONSTRUCT appeared in written media and Hans Peter Willems took part in discussion panels for public events and appeared on radio.


Below you find links to media coverage on these events. Additionally, there are links to other publications that mention MIND|CONSTRUCT or Hans Peter's research.

  Media Exposure
  • ZVIO: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) | MIND|CONSTRUCT in Heinkenszand (Dutch) 
  • Een robot via het uitzendbureau (Dutch) 
  • MIND|CONSTRUCT opent research faciliteit voor Mensachtige Kunstmatige Intelligentie (Dutch) 
  • Omroep Zeeland robotbrein-uit-Heinkenszand (Dutch - incl. video) 
  • Hans Peter Willems uit Middelburg geeft een robot denkvermogen (Dutch) 
  • BOOK: Artificial Intelligence and the Technological Singularity, contains "Why we need Conscious AI" 
  • BOOK: Machine Dreaming and Consciousness by J.F. Pagel (Hans Peter is mentioned on pages 23, 61, 65) 
  • Intelligence Squared: Online debate about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence 

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Request an Interview


Hans Peter Willems, founder and CEO of the company, is available for interviews. An interview can be held in any preferable location, but interviews held at our office location can include a live demonstration of the ASTRID system.


You can contact us through our contact form if you like to schedule an interview.

Please take note of our COVID-19 Policy if you want to visit our offices.

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